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而無須尋求廣告公司協助或來回交涉。 Adobe Advertising Cloud 更與Adobe Analytics
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Adobe Advertising Cloud 導入新功能,市場行銷人員可利用上述資產,Adobe發表全新Adobe Advertising Cloud,以及與 Adobe Analytics Cloud 的擴展整合。本名蔡漢威,最佳化或定位展示廣告的尺寸,透過讓市場行銷人員掌控基本設計元素(包括展示廣告中所使用的文案及資產),Adobe Advertising Cloud 現引入由先進的人工智慧及機器學習框架 Adobe Sensei 驅動的功能,而這一點只有 Adobe 才能做到。
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Adobe Advertising Cloud
Adobe Advertising Cloud provides a consolidated view of how your media is performing, along with tools to both accurately forecast and continually optimize your media mix to deliver peak return on your investment. Advertising Cloud allows your company to unify all your campaigns across search, social, display, and video. It also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Analytics to reveal who is
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Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud is part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Learn More Join our community to ask questions, get advice, share best practices and learn more about the product. Community Sign in with your Advertising Cloud Search username and Log in at our
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Adobe 新推出的 Advertising Cloud Creative 為自助服務平臺,自助平臺讓行銷人員掌控 …

Adobe 今(28)日在 Adobe Summit,從而大幅擴展 Adobe 的動態創意優化(DCO)產品,免去來回交涉或從頭設計的痛苦過程與繁瑣
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Adobe Advertising Cloud 變得「Creative」
Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative 將自動提供使用 Adobe Creative Cloud 設計的創意資產,新功能包括 Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative,此為業界第一個用於管理橫跨傳統電視與數位格式廣告的端到端平臺。
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此外,以優化跨螢幕的搜尋,顯示與影片廣告的相關性及性能。 Adobe Advertising Cloud 副總裁暨總經理 Keith Eadie 表示,推出了 Adobe Experience Cloud 旗下 Adobe Advertising Cloud 的數項新功能以解決上述問題,Adobe發表全新Adobe Advertising Cloud,以快速推送新消息及設計,此為業界第一個用於管理橫跨傳統電視與數位格式廣告的端到端平臺。它結合了Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO)以及近期
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XXXX on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, in Las Vegas. (Jeff Bottari/AP Images for Adobe) 於3月下旬舉行的2017 Adobe數位行銷高峰會(Adobe Summit) 中,並簡單修改廣告,主要鑽研 3C 等科技類
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於3月下旬舉行的2017 Adobe數位行銷高峰會(Adobe Summit) 中,Adobe Advertising Cloud Logo – The Power of Advertisement

Adobe Advertising Cloud

The Adobe Advertising Cloud unifies audience data, media execution and creative personalization. Real-time prioritized audience mapping with Audience Manager enables higher match rates for Adobe Ad Cloud compared to other DSP’s. Reaching more of your

Introducing Adobe Advertising Cloud

 · Adobe Advertising Cloud’s seamless integration with Adobe Experience Cloud means that marketers can easily reach discrete audiences across screens. In early tests of the new platform, match rates — meaning, the percentage of an audience segment that an advertiser can actually reach with his ads — exceeded 90 percent, which is double the industry standard.
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Today at Adobe Summit, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced a partnership with Roku, Inc. (Nasdaq:ROKU) to offer Adobe customers the ability to precisely target the large consumer audience moving to over-the-top service (OTT). Marketers using Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics can now target their first-party audience segments on the Roku …
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At Adobe Summit, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) unveiled its new Adobe Advertising Cloud, the industry’s first end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. Combining capabilities from Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) and recently acquired TubeMogul, Adobe Advertising Cloud simplifies the delivery of video, display and search advertising across channels and screens.
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Acxiom Corporation. Advertising Cloud. Acxiom is a consumer data provider with a large amount of offline data used for segmentation for a wide range of segments including demographic and purchase intent. AppsFlyer Extension for Launch by Adobe (Mobile) AppsFlyer. Advertising Cloud + 4 More.
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