genomic dna kit Genomic

genomic dna kit Genomic

Southern Blot等實驗。. Characterization of a novel
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Wizard Genomic DNA Purification Kit and the …

In this article, genomic DNA was isolated from plant leaf tissue using the Wizard Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Cat.# A1120), which can isolate genomic DNA from different sources including bacteria, yeast, blood, and animal and plant tissues. Purified DNA is suitable
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Genomic DNA Purification. GeneAll ExgeneTM and GenExTM series are designed for the purifi- cation of total DNA from a variety of sample sources. ExgeneTM series provide fast and easy method in convenient spin or vacuum column format and are no need phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation. GeneAll GenExTM series provide convenient, scalable
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E.Z.N.A.® MicroElute Genomic DNA Kit
E.Z.N.A.® MicroElute Genomic DNA Kit provides a rapid and easy method for the isolation of genomic DNA from small sample volumes and sizes for consistent PCR and analytical test results. Using the reversible binding properties of a silica-based material, the speed of mini-column spin technology and specifically formulated buffers, the system allows the purification of genomic DNA up to 60 kb.
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Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit. 植物基因組核酸純化試劑組. BIO-GP050 / BIO-GP150. 植物基因組核酸純化試劑組 (Tissue & Cell Genomic DNA Purification Kit)提供一個快速,酵母)中高效地提取基因組DNA。. 提取的DNA適用于酶切,利用硅膠膜離心柱特異地吸附DNA,利用硅膠膜離心柱特異地吸附DNA,PCR,文庫構建等實驗。. Li X , Zhu Y , Liu P , et al. Assessment of
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Agilent DNF-467 Genomic DNA 50 kb Kit Quick Guide for Fragment Analyzer Systems. This Quick Guide is intended for use with the Agilent 5200, 5300, and 5400 Fragment Analyzer systems only. The Genomic DNA 50 kb kit (p/n DNF-467-0500) is designed for assessing the integrity, approximate size and quantitation of genomic DNA…
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The Genomic DNA Isolation Kit (Plant) was designed specifically for genomic DNA isolation from plant samples of various plant parts including roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and more. Spin column is employed to purify or concentrate genomic DNA products …
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Genomic DNA (gDNA) Extraction and Purification
Genomic DNA Extraction and Purification. The Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit is a universal kit for DNA extraction and purification from a wide variety of cell types, including blood, cells, tissues and tough-to-lyse samples (including bacteria and yeast). The kit includes lysis buffers for various input materials, Proteinase K for
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ExiPrep™ Dx Blood Genomic DNA Kit
Genomic DNA was extracted from whole blood using ExiPrep Dx Blood Genomic DNA Kit, and real-time PCR was performed with AccuPower ® Factor V Leiden Real-Time PCR Kit on Exicycler 96. Figure 2. Detection of JAK2 (Janus Tyrosine Kinase 2) gene mutation rate was performed to compare the efficiency of ExiPrep ™ Dx Blood Genomic DNA Kit.

CD Magnetic Animal Genomic DNA Kit, DNA Extraction …

CD Magnetic Animal Genomic DNA Kit is specially designed for genomic DNA isolation from different kinds of tissues, especially whole blood samples fast and high-throughput. Based on magnetic-particle technology and specific buffer solution, DNA binds to the silica surface of the magnetic particles free from proteins and other contaminants.
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Genomic DNA Extraction Kits – Psi Mega 2

PsiMega2 genomic DNA extraction kit enables efficient and rapid isolation of genomic DNA (gDNA) from a variety of samples. Genomic DNA gets selectively adsorbed on to the PsiMega2 silica-based mini spin column while the other cellular components and debris are washed away. The adsorbed DNA is then eluted off the column in the subsequent steps.
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AccuPrep® Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (100 reactions)

AccuPrep® Genomic DNA Extraction Kit allows rapid extraction of genomic DNA from blood, animal tissues, and cultured cells. The isolated genomic DNA can be used for various experiments such as gene cloning, PCR, quantitative real time PCR, southern blotting, and etc. Spin column type. $124.00.
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EasyPure® Genomic DNA Kit (含RNase A)

EasyPure® Genomic DNA Kit (含RNase A). 本試劑盒采用酶解法裂解細胞,冷凍或加入抗凝劑血液中高效地提取基因組DNA。. 提取的DNA適用于酶切,過程包含65°C
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EasyPure® Blood Genomic DNA Kit

EasyPure® Blood Genomic DNA Kit. 本試劑盒采用酶解法裂解血液,適用于從多種材料 (動物細胞,大腸桿菌,動物組織,簡單又有效率的方法由植物組織中分離基因組核酸。. 此方法以離心層析管柱 (spin column)為基礎,適用于從5 μl-250 μl新鮮