harry claims draco fanfiction Narcissa

harry claims draco fanfiction Narcissa

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As Harry’s eyes returned to Draco’s face, Harry noticed for the first time that, just as with Samuel Flint, a connexion ran between himself and Draco. Draco was looking at Muggle-fied Samuel Flint and Draco felt fear—Harry could feel the fear.
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Fancast, Face claims and mood boards for Harry Potter characters on the golden trio era. Book 2 of 2 [First ‘Marauders’] # blaisezabini # dracomalfoy # fancast # fleurdelacour # fredweasley # georgeweasley # ginnyweasley # goldentrio # harrypotter # hermiomegranger # hogwarts # lunalovegood # nevillelongbottom # padmapatil # pansyparkinson # ronweasley # victorkrum # weasley
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Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy have finally gotten used to a quiet life together in America. But unexpected circumstances force them to face their pasts, which have come to haunt their present. Will they be able to work through it all together? -THIS IS A
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The Lost Potter || Draco Malfoy [BOOK 1]
Book One of The Lost Potter Series. If you like a good, slow burn love story, then look no further 🙂 [CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING] October 31st, 1981. The day that Harry Potter became the boy who lived. Of course, this day and the legacy of Harry Potter
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But if I don’t kill Harry, then Voldemort, will fucking kill Draco!” I burst into tears. Suddenly Draco jumped out from behind a wall. There are also plot lines about Ebony’s band, Bloody Gothic Rose 666, her love of the band Good Charlotte, Draco and Harry Vampire
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There sat silver-headed Draco Malfoy, alone, his normally pallid face pink with shame as Harry’s gaze leveled with his own. Malfoy’s eyes widened at the contact. Then, to Harry’s slight surprise, Malfoy dropped a forkful of sausages and covered his own gaping mouth, the ghost of a …
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Harry puts his hand on Hermione’s shoulder. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. “…James Potter, “Snape continued.
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Harry Potter Fandom. . Article from convallarias-art.tumblr.com Convallarias March 2021 oh my goddd i love your kylux art so much! it’s so beautiful and is actually giving me star wars vibes omg (is that a vibe idk tbh but it felt like a vibe ssh) Happy to give you
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The Return. After five years of fighting, the best Aurors of the Corps, and the youngest head of department, finally tracked down the current Dark Lord, Dean Thomas, to the streets of Hogmeade. Harry and Hermione confronted Dean in front of Hogshead; where the last Dumbledore worked.
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Draco and hermione pregnant fanfiction

 · Draco and hermione pregnant fanfiction. In another timeline he and Hermione are on the run from the victorious Death Eaters, although still not admitting their love until Ron Weasley reports Albus Potter was with Delphi and everyone goes to investigate Harry, Draco, Ginny, Hermione and Ron discover the new prophecy inside Delphi’s room.
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Much to his surprise, both Draco and Harry grow to love the man that Severus is and each other, leading them to stay until the very end. Only Snape must overcome his insecurities and Harry his goal of remaining pure. Status: Good. Opinion: This fanfiction was surprisingly well laid out.
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[Request] LF fics where Harry dates Draco’s sister : …

There was also one where Draco’s sister was several years older than him and was brought in to tutor Harry in potions, but it was basically just smut. Can’t remember what it was called either. It’s an interesting idea however that I’d love to see explored. level 1. MikeMystery13.
Severus Snape is Damaged Love
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263 Mated » Harry is a Vyspa, and Draco is his mate. How will this affect the course of the horcux hunt. non-DH compliant. Bad!Ron Drarry Eventual SSRL Slash. Fluffyness, and some OCness. Sub!Draco Dom!Harry CreatureFic RL/SS HG/GW Cover image by