scp-1983 tale #SCP-1983

scp-1983 tale #SCP-1983

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When an instance of SCP-1983-2 comes into contact with a human, they extend an upper limb into the human’s chest cavity, without any apparent damage to skin or tissues. Through unknown means, they then extract the heart, killing the human. Item #: SCP-1983 (Doorway to Nowhere)
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Day 137
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SCPtale, also known as SCP-Tale, UnderSCP, or Undertale: Containment Breach, is a mod for the indie horror game SCP- Containment Breach. The mod is being developed by Team Foundation and a group of fellow developers. The story follows a human with the designation of D-9341 and their journey to escape an SCP Site alive. 1 Story 2 Changes 3 Ending 3.1 Gate A #1 3.2 Gate A #2 3.3 Gate B 4
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SCP関連です。SCP-1983「先の無いドア」の”幸運を。 …

狀態: 發問中
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【SCP】更に財団を楽しむための5オブジェクトを短文紹 …

*>SCP-1983 先の無い扉<* オブジェクトクラスは Keter でしたが現在は Neutralized と推定されます。 このオブジェクトは內部が異空間となっている家SCP-1983-1とそこから出てくる二足歩行の生き物SCP-1983-2から構成されています。
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【SCP】器関ノ彷徨 -The will of a single Tale- 第1部 on …

About This Game ※This game will be a sequel to 【SCP】器関ノ彷徨 -The will of a single Tale-【DEMOver.】. Also, as of 2/15, only Part 1: Chapter 1 will be made public. Therefore This is very short content. [Story] In 2019, one month after the incident of
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Mtf Scp Guard Roblox


Mtf Scp Guard Roblox

ホラー?コメディ?広がるSCPの世界-ようこそSCP財団 …

(SCPが登場する物語形式のTaleという創作もあります) 今や世界中で創作されるSCP,SCPの始まりでありもっとも多くのオブジェクトのテーマであるホラー。
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Item #: SCP-4444 Object Class: Ticonderoga Laconic Containment Procedures: It is to always be under surveillance, should not be arrested, should be calmed down if it gets upset, and should not appear in public frequently. The Foundation will work with the FBI
SCP-914 The Clockworks and Experiment Log 914 | Object ... | Doovi
SCP-019. Elemento #: SCP-019. Classe dell’Oggetto: Keter. Procedure Speciali di Contenimento: SCP-019 deve essere collocato sopra una grata in una stanza di cemento armato dalle dimensioni di 3 m × 3 m × 4 m provvista di inceneritore; ogniqualvolta tale apparecchio non è in funzione, la stanza deve essere tenuta a zero gradi centigradi.
SCP-914 The Clockworks and Experiment Log 914 | Object ... | Doovi
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