what is wheel caster What

what is wheel caster What

What Is Caster Angle In Car Suspension?
 · Advantages: Caster affects the directional stability of the vehicle. It causes the wheels to wheels to lead or follow in the same direction as the vehicle. Caster acts in the same way as in the furniture wheel does. It creates the tire contact either behind …
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A Helpful Guide to Casters of all types
The wheel is held in place between the legs of the caster frame by a bolt or axle. Above the legs on a swivel caster is the swivel bearing, which allows a swivel caster to rotate or turn 360°. Above the legs on a rigid caster there is no swivel bearing because a rigid caster …
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Caster angle
The caster angle or castor angle is the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical axis of a steered wheel in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, other vehicle or a vessel, as seen from the side of the vehicle. The steering axis in a car with dual ball joint suspension is an imaginary line that runs through the center of the upper ball joint to the center of the lower ball joint, or
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A Guide to Caster Configuration & Dimensions
Wheel diameter: This is the nominal diameter of the outside of the wheel. Most caster companies describe caster using wheel diameter as a primary measurement. For instance, this phenolic caster has an 8″ diameter, and is usually called an 8″ caster. Overall height: The distance from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the top plate.
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Caster Technology and the Science of Swivel Offset
Caster technology offers four ways swivelling force can be reduced: Bearing structure in the swivel head (which can range from roller, precision ball, tapered etc.), The right wheel material (polyurethane, solid elastomer, hard rubber etc.), Increasing the swivel offset. Let’s focus on #4: increasing the swivel offset.
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How To Select The Right Caster Wheels
Caster Wheel Performance – Load Weight And Wheel Size Perhaps one of the most important considerations of caster selection is determining the maximum load. As you can guess, industrial caster wheels will be subject to heavier weights compared to home or office casters.
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A Short Course on Wheel Alignment
 · The wheel will continually try to turn from straight ahead. That is what happens when a car has the caster set too far negative. Like camber, on many front-wheel-drive vehicles, caster is not adjustable. If the caster is out on these cars, it indicates that something

Caster Technology. FAQ

Towing speed can have a great effect on which caster or wheel product is right for you. Towing applications can be prone to heat buildup and pre-mature wheel failure. You’ll notice some of our wheels and casters have been noted for towing applications and may have received ratings for different speeds such as 3, 6 or 10mph.
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Wheelchair Caster Wheel Assemblies
Wheelchair caster wheel sizes are expressed with the tire already mounted. For example a typical 8″ x 2″ caster may consist of the caster rim which may only be 4″ in diameter and the other 4″ is made up from the tire. Look on the sidewall of the tire or on the side of the caster…
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MedCaster – Clean, Quiet, Smooth
The Colson Group is the largest manufacturer of caster and wheel products in the world. The company has operations in 14 countries and consists of nine major global operating units. Colson Group USA is the largest operating unit of the Colson Group, and it includes some of the most renowned brands of casters and wheels in the world: Colson, Albion, Shepherd, Jarvis, MedCaster, Pemco, Faultless
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how to measure caster stems

How to Measure Caster Stems To Measure Caster Stems, Determine Your Stem Style There are 3 main styles of caster stems; these are Grip Ring, Grip Neck, and Threaded. Choose from the images below to select the stem type that matches your caster’s stem

What is the correct caster wheels part number for Dell …

However, an internet search didn’t come up with the part number for the correct set of caster wheel feet for the 12G tower servers. The only part numbers I could find are T501M and J282R, and it appears the former are for the old 11G servers and the latter for the 13G/14G servers. I couldn’t find anything specific for the 12G T320.
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